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Friday, December 13

Back To The Machine

With all the shows this fall/winter I've not had much time for creative sewing. So I really enjoyed making this wall hanging. I really needed to get back in touch with my fiber self. I have had a quilty quilt on the machine for months that needs quilting, but it didn't draw me back like this little wall hanging did. I became pretty absorbed in this project. I have my normal layers of textures and embellishments that I so love to work with. 
 First thing - I pull out my wood burning tool
and attack a section of sheer fabric. 
Note: put a section of card board under the fabric!

This is what it looks like after the fabric is de-stressed. 
I love the look. Then I free motioned over it. 

Then I start auditioning all the different components
I have gotten out for this piece. 
The background fabric seemed too light so I
de-stressed it with Instant Antique. 

It all came together just like I wanted and I 
love the finished piece. 

Here is a closeup of the embellishments.

The back complete with a small book telling
about the piece. The little story is post - apocalyptic. 

Aria let her hand move over the surface of her new treasure, while she listened to the old man - the one they called the Story Teller. 
He told her the fabric she had found was called a quilt. That was something new to her. The Story Teller said ladies used to make them from bright colors of cloth to put on their beds to keep them warm. 
Aria tried to image the home they must have lived in to have such fine things. Many of the things the Story Teller told were from the days “before”. He had been just a boy then, but remembered the stories well. 
She also showed him the other treasures she had found with the quilt. He said the small round metal object was part of a watch. He told her it had been a tool to tell the time of day. All she knew of the times of the day were where the big yellow sun was in the sky. She tried to understand how a watch could see the sun but the story of it’s working was beyond her kin of understanding. 
All she knew was the treasures from “Before” were found at the edge of old town. She was one of the few who would go there anymore.
That night by the light of the fire she took the small amount of precious thread and put all the treasures together. She would hang it on the wall of her hut. The stories of these things from the past - from “Before” she would tell her children one day. 
This treasure was even better to her than what she had found in old town at the last big moon, something the Story Teller called a book.  

When I first started making art quilts I would write little stories about them and 
place them in a pocket on the back of the quilt. I'd stopped doing that a few years
ago but felt the need to start this again. It add another layer of life to the piece for me. 

I used the scraps to make a little mug rug. 

Monday, December 24

Days Off = Play Time

Well it's Christmas eve and we're enjoying some time off for both of us. It's been wonderful to stay at home and enjoy this time together and to just relax. I've finished a knitted scarf, started several samples for classes and been practicing some new free motion designs. 
My friend Stefanie gave me a great new book on free motion and I've been playing around with some of the designs. 

Another free motion aid I've picked up are these pens. Several people I know love these and I've heard several that don't. The only bad thing I've heard is that extreme cold will make the mark show again. I figure thou if it's freezing where my quilt is I've got worse problems than the marks showing...buuurrrrr. A quick touch from the iron makes the marks disappear. So far I'm a fan. 

 I've also taken a bit of time to work on several metal projects. I normally don't work on several at a time but rules are to be broken. So 2 works in progress. 
 This started off as a jewelry project, 
but after a bit I knew it would be part of a wall quilt. 

 Lots of wire work left on this one. 

Hubby and I went to the tool store last week and I thought it was kind of cool that while we are looking at tools we were both standing there thinking we want something and when I say we can share it that is all the excuse he needs to grab it off the shelf. Two workbenches and two tool boxes in one room leaves a lot of room for tool junkies to collect. You can never have enough files when you work with metal. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families. I am so excited to see sweet Ian on Christmas morning. He's beside himself with excitement over Santa coming tonight. What a wonderful blessing it is to have a child with us at Christmas again to add to the wonder of the day. 

Bless you all and thanks for stopping by from time to time. 
Hopes for a safe and happy new year. 

Sunday, April 29

Getting Reacquainted

Well with a 4 month gap on using the Pfaff we have drifted apart a bit. She is wanting to have tension issues today and I told her I'd have no part of that. So she is off and has been warned when I come back over there in a few minutes she had better be playing well. I did give her a good bobbin area cleaning, which always surprises me how much lint is in there...just shocking. 
I did make myself a new oversized mug rug yesterday for my computer desk. It has to be big enough for a coffee cup and a snack :). I just grabbed some fabric I had cut a while back (I don't remember for what now) and started playing. I mainly wanted to quilt so the piecing was just tossed together in my standard hap hazard fashion. 

 I wanted to share this super simple and very yummy dish. If you like fresh corn you might want to try this. You start off by putting a blog of butter in a skillet. Blob is southern for about 1.5 tablespoons. 

 Then cut the corn off the cob - here I used about 5 ears. I remember my grandmother used to scrape the corn to get every little bit off and there would be corn bits everywhere including her glasses. I'm not this dedicated but just cut as deep as possible. 

Then I cut up 2 bell peppers and stir it all together. I cooked this till it just started to get tender and cut off the flame. Don't want to loose the crisp snap of the veggies. The sweet of the corn and peppers was a surprise together and we just loved them. 

Got a new book this week from one of my inspirations Mary Hettmansperger, Her fiber and jewelry designs have really changed the way I work with metal. My first look at her work was on a DVD I purchased from Lark Books for embellishing fiber art.

Here are 2 new postcards I've started today. I lay out the components I want to use on top of the fabric to see how well they play together till I have a happy group. Then the quilting begins. The one on the right was influenced by my new book. 

 I have started a new hand sewing project and I'm determined to get this try past pillow size. This is the 3rd time I've tried to make a quilt using this method and the other 2 did end up being pillows. So I thought this time I'd just keep them in this old sewing box and work on it when the mood strikes and let it sit and wait when I'm not. It will become a lap quilt. I also decided not to put the little bits in the traditional Grandmother's flower garden formation and rather go for a more contemporary mix of oops again a hap hazard mix. 

Sunday, June 5

Oh I just love them little post cards I do

I'd planned to work on my swap for the "Think Spring" swap on Quilt With Us but some how got side tracked into my little world of post cards. They really suck me in. So after breakfast this morning I set up a few ideas. Didn't know if I'd shown you how I prep my small projects. 
 All lined up and ready to start sewing. 

 1 Lump or 2
Paula gave me several great old spoons
and I've been trying to figure out how to do 
something with them. This is the first one I've used. 
Had to get that copper in there of course. 

 Tick Toc #2 in the series
Tried out a new technique on this one. 
The lumpy part under the clock works. 
Used my cookie cooling rack and some muslin. 
Pushed the fabric into the little holes and then
ironed some steam-a-seam on the back. 

 Elven Shield
When I was making this one I imagined that I found it in the back yard
where a little elf had lost it in his hurry to escape my little yorkie. 
The brass shield was hammered and torched for the beautiful colors. 

Cherry Blossom - just needed to make a simple one too. 

I did get my swap piece all ironed, all
the fabrics selected and the pattern printed. 
Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow. 

Sunday, April 24

untitled finished

As I'd planned I finished the hand work on this untitled piece 
last night - between the movie and a yummy carrot cake with 
coconut icing cup cake. 

Got outside today to take some better photos. 

 Close up of the quilting on the background section. 

and of course the nasty hand work
on the binding on the back. 

I've gotten several cool names so far:
Frets Afire, Copper Aflutter, Weaving A Mystery
Memories in Time, Spirit Dance, Spiritual Warrior
and The Eve of Retaliation. 
Just leave a comment of a name you think will fit
this wall hanging and if yours is selected for it's 
name you'll win a nice selection of fabrics. 
Winner will be announced on May 2nd.
Thanks for your help. 

Sunday, April 17

A LIttle of This and A LIttle Of That

This morning we put our new deck box together. It was pretty big
and holds our folding chairs that are fabric and the cushions I made
for the metal table & chairs. This will keep them out of the weather
and sun when we're not using them. Hubby even taped up the holes 
in the back of the box to keep those pesky wasps from making this their new home. 

 I wanted to do some sewing today on a project for a friend
and when I was straightening up the sewing room for this
I put Klunker on his background quilt just to see how he 
looked and was very pleased. There is still much work
to do on this and as soon as I've completed the quilts
below I'll get right back on this. 

This beautiful hand cross stitched quilt was done by my dear friend's mom and I'm putting the binding on it for her. There are 2 of these - she made one for each of her daughters.
Since it's a Christmas quilt I found some pretty white on white fabric with tiny holly leaves for the binding. Hopefully I'll get the first side of the binding done today.  I did fall into the couch for a little while with a cup of tea and a TMC old B&W movie. Oh well, I'm a sucker for movies.

Thursday, April 14

Klunker Assembled and Ready for his Background

Yesterday I got Klunker all glued together. I have a little tweaking to do, 
but he's pretty much done. 
Hopefully today I'll get a fair amount done on his "ocean". 
There is much free motion to do on that. 

 Each section of copper has a number engraved into. 
This way I wouldn't loose my mind trying to put him together. 

Working out the puzzle of glueing him together. 

 Finding just the right parts for his eye. 

Who would have thought that this glue would work so very 
well for glueing porous and non-porous items together. 

Now all glued and ready for his background. 

More drawings for my note cards. 
This coffee set will have 4 designs. 

Wednesday, April 6

The Little Things I Enjoy

Monday between the time the electric was off,
due to some nasty storms I did get a little sewing done. 
More post cards for my Etsy shop. 
I was down to just one left in the shop.

 Lion's Gate

Nightshade 1 of 3

Nightshade 2 of 3

Nightshade 3 of 3

Have been ignoring my zen doodles and this morning started this hand print
for my little sister. It may take up to a week to finish if I can get this much done
every day. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy this doodling. 

Saturday, April 2

Klunker Has All His Parts

Yesterday I got all the scales cut out and torched for Klunker's body. 
He's looking pretty good. He still needs a little tweaking but he's close to finished. 
The eye I have in place is temporary and I'm on the hunt for a better one. 
So now I can get back to Klunker's ocean. 
I have a beautiful selection of sea colors of Sulky threads for his free motion. 

Have jewelry class today and then Edna and I are off to 
one of our favorite hardware stores. Looking for
goodies and tools for mixed media and jewelry. 
Maybe I'll find Klunker's eye.

Friday, April 1

Klunker Gets Some Face Time

Yesterday I had time to work on Klunker more and
finished his top and bottom fins and his face. 
Now to find the perfect hardware for his eye...hum what will it be?
These giant scissors hubby got for me are really coming 
in handy for this project. 

His "rivets" are brads from my scrap booking goodies. 
The metal I'm using is 40 gauge copper sheet. 
The shadowing is done with a mini torch. 
Today I'll work on his many scales. 

His background has been started as a raw edge applique 
quilt, but there is tons of free motion yet to be done on that. 
All the while I'm working on this I'm thinking on 
how it will be mounted. I have several ideas, mount on 
plexiglass, canvas, hardbord, clayboard - just not sure yet. 

Thursday, March 17

The Big Blue

I've worked on Klunker's ocean yesterday and today and I'm beginning to see some progress. It's been slow getting it to this point. I hate cutting out fabric with scissors and there was just no way around this. So I sat down and cut while watching TV. 
I drew out my pattern on freezer paper, cut out the shapes,
then started trying to fit the puzzle back together. 

 A little glue stick keeps the parts from escaping. 

Not everyone around here is sharing my excitement about this piece.